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Why Pure Clay?

If you are like many of us, you are concerned about the toxic load our world places on us. Whether it is pesticides and herbicides in the foods we eat, contaminants in the water we drink, pollutants in the air or chemicals in the products we use, we are bombarded daily with potentially harmful substances that can burden the body’s detoxification channels.

Bentonite Pure Clay
Modern-day researchers have discovered what indigenous peoples all over the world have known for thousands of years – clay has powerful properties to detoxify and revitalize. Its unique electromagnetic energy hunts down toxins absorbs them and carries them away, all the while promoting healthy cellular reproduction and revitalization.
Pure Clay Face Mask

With an alkaline pH of about 9.8, Pure Clay® Calcium Bentonite Clay can alkalize and balance the pH of your system, providing valuable immune system support.

Pure Clay pristine and untouched, free from pollution, chemical and debri

Many cheaper clays are mined from the surface layers of a clay deposit, where the clay is vulnerable to contaminants from the environment. Pure Clay® Calcium Bentonite Clay powder is mined from a deep subterranean “sweet spot” vein of volcanic ash that has not been exposed to air, wind, or water and the pollutants they carry. It has not been irradiated, sterilized or weakened through any artificial cleansing process.

We put every batch of Pure Clay® Calcium Bentonite Clay through rigorous testing to ensure content and purity so that you can feel confident not only putting it on your skin but drinking it as well. Whether you use it externally or internally, at correct dosages, you can rest assured that Pure Clay® Calcium Bentonite Clay is safe for your system.



We started Pure Clay® for one reason: to offer a product that we believe is truly remarkable.

Pure Clay is truly the best dirt on earth! We always suspected that our customers would love this high-quality clay, but it wasn’t until our research of its properties we realized, with great delight, that we’d been given an amazing gift!

We are absolutely thrilled to be offering you a product that is impressive in its ability to support the body’s systems in so many diverse ways.

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