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Asian Baby Clay Skincare Baby Care

Calcium Bentonite
Clay for Baby

Bentonite Clay Baby Powder


How to use Pure Clay® Baby Powder

Follow these steps to soothe your baby's skin.

Step One

Sprinkle a small amount of bentonite clay baby powder onto your baby’s skin, gently patting it in to ensure light coverage over all of the diaper areas. 

Step Two

Because Pure Clay really is 100% pure Calcium Bentonite Clay, a sprinkle can be used as often as every diaper change.

Pure Clay has a powerful magnetic pull and can draw out impurities while stimulating circulation and cellular revitalization. It is a perfectly natural baby powder for sensitive babies. Because it’s naturally pristine clay, you don’t have to worry about babies' skin absorbing any contaminants.

Stay clear from chemicals, irritants and allergies and swap for Pure Clay to soothe your baby.

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