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Natural Clarifying Detox Skincare Pure Clay

Bentonite Clay For Face

Bentonite CLay Mask


How to use Pure Clay® Mask

When using bentonite clay mask, follow these steps to leave your skin feeling bright, refreshed and energized! 

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Step One

In a glass or ceramic bowl, mix equal parts (1:1) Pure Clay® and raw apple cider vinegar. Stir thoroughly and allow to thicken to a Greek yogurt consistency.

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Step Two

To deep clean your pores: Apply liberally to skin and leave on until clay just starts to crack (but still has some stickiness to it, usually about 15-20 minutes). Halve that time for sensitive skin. If you leave it on until the clay is completely dry it could pull moisture out of the skin.

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Step Three

Rinse with warm water. Apply moisturizer of your choice. Some redness after rinsing is completely normal – the clay draws blood flow to the surface so that it can carry toxins away. 

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Step Four