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Natural Clay Bath Soothing

Bentonite Clay Bath Detox

Bentonite Clay Bath Benefits


How to use Pure Clay® Bath Clay

Follow these steps to enjoy a soothing and clarifying bentonite clay bath detox.

Step One

Start with running warm water into your bathtub.

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Step Two

Pour 1 cup of Pure Clay into the water and mix well.

Step Three

Enjoy your detoxifying and soothing bath for 30 minutes.

Step Four

Rinse off your skin so that there is no clay left over. Pat dry as usual. Enjoy!

How Our Bentonite Clay Bath Detox Works

Pure Clay has a powerful magnetic pull and can draw out impurities while stimulating circulation and cellular revitalization.
It is a perfect addition to your bath routine. Because it’s naturally pristine clay, you don’t have to worry about your skin absorbing any contaminants.
That pulsing tingle means the clay is working to make your skin feel clean, fresh and smooth!

Enjoy feeling energized and refreshed after your soothing Pure Clay bath.

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