• ✔️ PROVEN SUPERIOR QUALITY - We have put our bentonite clay powder through rigorous testing to ensure content and purity for internal use, oral use, and all applications. Our green bentonite clay is primarily used for drinking, and applying as a mask, bath or on skin!


  • ✔️ SAFE AND EDIBLE - Laboratory tests for content and purity PROVE that Pure Clay's® food grade bentonite clay is safe for internal use. Pure bentonite clay cleanse can cleanse your body of toxins and foreign substances.


  • ✔️ DETOXIFY YOUR BODY - Pure Clay's® 100% pure bentonite clay has powerful properties to detoxify and revitalize. It's unique electromagnetic energy hunts down toxins, absorbs them, and carries them away.


  • ✔️ GET YOUR GLOW BACK! Pure Clay® food grade bentonite (also known as Montmorillonite clay) will leave you feeling fresh, revitalized and invigorated. Your skin can regain its youthful, radiant glow and you can feel lighter, clearer and energized using our bentonite clay powder.


  • ✔️ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Try Pure Clay® risk free. If you’re not satisfied, we will refund your money, period. Don’t delay – hit the Buy Button now to buy one for yourself and a few extra to keep on hand for the perfect gift.

Pure Clay Premium Calcium Bentonite Clay Food Grade Powder Detox Facial Mud Bath

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